President’s Greeting
Motoaki Miki

Club Operation and Action Policy

 Ray Clinginsmith, the president of RI has announced this year’s theme as “Building Communities, Bridging Continents.” He was the first scholarship student to study in South Africa from the United States. The theme intends to mean Rotarians are supposed to participate in various activities to help people in needs, but also intends to call the participation to our activities from the people outside of Rotary.
 Our club enjoys 28th anniversary this year, if this is exampled as a human being, an age of 28 youngman who is responsible for himself and society with discreet character of reliability, responsibility and decency. In this context our club is expected to be in possession of these fine characters.
 Paul Harris of the founder of Rotary club, if he is asked to express before the audience in a word, would say without hesitation “Toleration.” So stated in “The Rotarian” of 1911 January issue. I think this one word has a very important meaning. Actually toleration means that even though someone’s behavior is found bad or wrong, this would be acknowledged and be pardoned. He really had a broad mind.
 Rotary is a voluntary service club where you can enter and leave as you wish, in this sense there is nothing compulsory. But once you belong to a Rotary club, there are s few obligations to follow, a regulatory attendance to the weekly meeting, monetary dues, subscription to monthly magazine etc. These are essential requirements to keep the position as a Rotarian, for which frequent calling of attention is regrettable.
 I think that the gathering of Osaka Otemae Rotarian is originated in the spirit of fellowship, the sense of caring each other as friends with a common value to love and cherish our association. I wish to develop and further this spirit and sense among our members to acquire our own Otemae’s common value at the end.
Bearing in mind this purpose, I go back to the time of start of Rotary, and to study the history of Rotary for 100 years, and wish to tell you valuable stories, incidents and events connecting and comparing with our own culture of Oriental origin.
 I assigned as for this year theme, “A Big Heart”, would appreciate as you interpret as you comprehend.
 The tasks I put myself are, at first recruiting new members including female, this is urgent and incumbent upon us to tackle with all our energy in order to keep our organization in existence and on going.
. As now female members in our club taking important role in activities, so I propose, secondly, let enjoy family value with our members whenever we have gatherings, so members are invited to take their family on these occasions.
 For couple of years we are trying to have a friendship link with a Rotary club in native English speaking country, this will continue again this year, including the visit to RI convention.
The practice started last year that we have free talk during the regular meeting in the interval bi-monthly taking the issues arising in the course of our activities. This was a good practice to discuss of our issues freely and is wished to be continued this year as well. The subjects will be announced one month in advance.